Sustainable steht für: Nachhaltig das eigene Leben verändern. Und wie sich das für Menschen anfühlt, die ihr Leben nachhaltig verändert haben….. Lies bitte selbst!

<< Good evening Martina,

Here is my testimonial and honestly it is just words coming straight from my heart.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Martina. The initial problem I wanted to fix was to get rid of the block I had when it came to driving a car. Shortly after obtaining my drivers licence I moved abroad and haven’t had much practice, years went by and I started to doubt myself until I realised I totally refused to ever drive a car. I felt terrified of the idea to be honest. 
During the session with Martina it turned out that the cause of my block was much much deeper. I realised so many limiting beliefs I was holding onto and I didn’t even know about. Those were literally holding me back in all areas in my life. I was in awe as we proceeded and I literally felt a shift in my body, felt more empowered and more in charge right there and then. 
Martina did a brilliant job and was incredibly supportive throughout the whole process, I felt very much seen, heard and understood. I felt really held in her presence. 
Couple of days after our session I started noticing the changes in my life. I started noticing how easily I am able to connect to others and suddenly people were approaching me. For me that was a big deal – being someone who always shied away and felt very uncomfortable around others this was huge. The suffocating feeling I used to feel in those occasions in my chest was gone. 
After a week I felt a strong urge to go and try driving. I felt calm, confident and trusting my abilities. I wouldn’t be able to say this before. I’m slowly finding my way back to the traffic. 🙂 It truly is remarkable. I couldn’t be happier about the shifts I experienced, and at the end driving seems just like a cherry on top. Like a sweet bonus of the internal deep work we have done. I am so beyond thankful for this session and for the phenomenal support from Martina. 
I can only recommend her wholeheartedly. 
Thank you, Denisa“ >>
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